Mission, Vision, and Values

Mission Statement
The mission of the government of the County of San Bernardino is to satisfy its customers by providing service that promotes the health, safety, well being, and quality of life of its residents according to the County Charter, general laws, and the will of the people it serves.

Vision Statement
Our vision is to create a safe, clean, and healthy environment that appeals to families and individuals, and attracts the best in business and industry. We will create, support, and enhance vibrant communities that emphasize beauty, culture, art, recreation, education, and a sense of history.

Values Statement
To achieve our Vision, we dedicate ourselves to these values:

aluing our workforce by providing recognition, training and education, opportunities for customer service and career development, a safe and healthy work environment and fair compensation.

ppreciation and promotion of the diverse cultures that comprise our workforce and the communities we serve.

eadership by coordinating regional planning through collaboration with local communities and businesses.

nquestioned integrity that embraces a culture of honor and trustworthiness.

xcellence in the development of efficient and cost-effective strategies to improve customer service in an atmosphere that allows and encourages new ideas.

ervice of the highest quality to our customers delivered with dignity and respect.